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Gain Unprecedented Power and Control with LumiGrow Pro!

Well-designed lighting systems boost yield and quality. But
ordinary lights cost so much to operate that they erode profits.

With the LumiGrow Pro series, you no longer need to choose
between boosting yields and controlling costs. LumiGrow Pro
lights delivers both benefits with the industry’s two most powerful
LED fixtures for greenhouses: the LumiGrow Pro 325™
and the LumiGrow Pro 650™. It’s no wonder LumiGrow is the
choice of 1,000+ growers from Alaska to Australia.

Improve Crop Yield and Uniformity

You’ll make the most of your greenhouse or other growing
environment because the LumiGrow Pro series provides uniform
light distribution without harmful hot spots. In addition,
LumiGrow lights run 70% cooler than high-intensity discharge
(HID) lights, eliminating plant damage and problems related
to unmanaged greenhouse temperatures. Hot-running HID
lights stress plants as evidenced by high water and nutrient
demand. By contrast, plants grow safely at any distance from
LumiGrow lights.

Reduce Your Operating Costs
Energy-efficient LumiGrow Pro series lights cost between 40%
to 70% less to operate compared to HID lamps. New sites see
dramatically lower infrastructure costs because of reduced
electrical requirements. LumiGrow lights also eliminate the
need for ballasts and reflectors while they minimize cooling
loads, accelerating your payback. Growers see electrical
bills trimmed by approximately half, month after
month, year after year.

How It Works

The Pro series equips growers with LED lights that output
more red and blue in the essential PAR range than the
industry’s most powerful conventional systems, including
any high-intensity discharge (HID) fixture. Peerless in the
industry, Pro 325 and Pro 650 lights double and quadruple,
respectively, the brightness and efficiency of the LumiGrow
ES330™ system, previously the industry’s most powerful
LED light.

LumiGrow Pro 325 Horticultural Light

The Pro 325 system is engineered for commercial greenhouses
and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) environments.
Like all LumiGrow solutions, the Pro 325 light
eliminates waste inherent to HID lights by focusing photons
in plants’ primary response regions rather than in spectral
regions plants can’t use. All of the light produced by the
Pro 325 system is productive for plants, yielding 70% energy
savings versus the 1000-Watt HID lights they replace.

LumiGrow Pro 650 Horticultural Light
The Pro 650 system raises the PAR bar for the entire horticultural
lighting industry. The Pro 650 light is for growers
and scientists who require red and blue PAR output greater
than that of 1000-Watt HID lights without the costly energy
demand of these fixtures. Energy savings versus a 1000-
Watt HID light is approximately 40%.

LumiGrow Pro Series™ LED Lighting Systems
• Commercial Greenhouses • Indoor and Vertical Farms
• Nurseries • Research

Provides Maximum Light Density
• Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR
• More red and blue PAR per Watt than any other
lighting fixture
• Industry’s most efficient LEDs
• Small hardware footprint minimizes plant
canopy shadowing
Puts Control at Your Fingertips
• Individually adjustable 3-channel (red, blue and
white) knobs for precise spectral control
• White-only View mode
• Compatible with automated control systems
Delivers Advanced Thermal Management
• Runs 70% cooler than HID lighting
• Massive heat sinks keep LEDs running cool
• Operates safely without high voltage
Reduces Your Costs with Energy Efficiency
• Pro 325 uses approximately 70% less energy than the
equivalent 1000-Watt HID light and Pro 650 uses 40%
less energy
• Eligible for energy utility rebates
Make the Environmentally Responsible Choice
• RoHS compliant (mercury- and lead-free)
• Long lasting
Installs and Operates Simply
• Smart Volt auto-switching and regulating power supply
adjusts to appropriate voltage for international use
• Installs just like HID lights and operates seamlessly
alongside them
Built to Last
• Light-weight, yet strong powder-coated
aluminum hardware
• Proprietary constant-current LED controllers
• 5-year warranty
• Customer Support from a US-based manufacturer
LumiGrow SmartPAR™ Software Compatible
• Boost productivity even further when you
operate the lights with SmartPAR, the industry’s
first greenhouse light management software. Ask
your LumiGrow representative for details.

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Pro Series Technical Specifications
Energy Consumption 325 Watts 650 Watts
Operating Voltage 100-120/200-240 VAC
(5A/2.5A max)
100-240 VAC
(8.5A/5A max)
Dimensions 9-7/8” W x 10-5/8”
L x 5-3/4” H
9-7/8” W x 16-5/8”
L x 5-3/4” H
Weight 9 lbs 16 lbs
Operating Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Temperature – 4º F to 140º F (– 20º C to 60º C)
Lifespan 50,000 hours

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