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Citrus Leaf miners lay eggs on new shoots, the larvae hatch and begin tunneling between the skin of the leaves, the damage will cause the leaves to not form properly and will never fully grow, eventually they will die. In large numbers trees will be unable to produce viable leaves and suffer from branch die off and no fruit production. Complete defoliation is common.

Most insecticides are ineffective and repeated poisoning of trees can be just as damaging as the leaf miners.

CLM Are most prevalent in summer months, when spraying trees can be damaging, oil based sprays, while effective, can burn older leaves off and cause burned tips.

Pack contains 10 Phyllocnistis citrella pheromone lures. Traps not included.

Can be used with all yellow sticky traps or delta traps, simply place in hole or stick on glue. 

1 Lure can cover a 15' x 15' area, if a large infestation is present, more traps and lures can be added.

  • Contains no pesticides
  • Targeted Pheromone Lure - Will not target any other species
  • Safe for Organic use

Our Citrus leafminer lures are the same lures used by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer services (FDACS) entomologists for use in monitoring and trapping programs for Phyllocnistis citrella.

Field life: 1 -3 months depending on environmental conditions.

Shelf life: 3 Years if refrigerated. For short term storage of less than 2 months, store in cool indoor area (or air-conditioned area if available). For long term storage of more than 2 months, store in refrigerator.

CLMs are attracted to new flush of growth. Once the leaves harden, CLM do not damage leaves.

Environmentally friendly CLM management  (which emit the nature-identical CLM pheromone) are effective for managing low to medium levels of CLM infestation. At high levels of infestation, additional measures such as the use of insecticides may be needed to supplement the environmentally friendly solutions. (Azridachtin on new shoots)