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Through a breeding program that began in 1953, the University of Florida successfully developed numerous SELF POLLINATING, low chill peach varieties suitable for Florida’s warm climate.

Southern Peaches are designed for the south and thrive in Florida, the Carribean and surrounding areas.
Bred for low chill zones they do extremely well even in the southern heat.

USDA hardiness zones 9-10. It adores the warm, subtropical climates found in these regions, making it a perfect addition to your southern garden.

Medium-Large sized red skin peaches with soft meat and low fiber. The size of your fruits will generally reflect their diet and irrigation.

Typically ripening May-June Most varieties will flower twice per year if climate conditions and irrigation / food are plentiful.

Fruit harvests are typically 90-110 days after flowering begins.

Can tolerate temps up to 100F with irrigation and as cold as 20F

What are chill hours? Typically chill hours are described as hours spent below 45F. While southern peaches are designed to NEVER go dormant, the chill hours give them time to catch their breath.
Instead of going dormant, they typically produce a winter crop with flowers usually starting in November.

Recommended chill ratings for southern peaches

Florida Glow < 50 Hours
Florida Grande < 100 Hours
Florida Prince < 150 Hours
Tropic Beauty < 150 Hours
Tropic Prince < 150 Hours
Tropic Sweet < 175 Hours
Tropic Snow < 200 Hours

And while these recommendations are posted lots of places, we have successfully seen large peach crops from every single species south of the lake 2x per year.