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Categories: Growing Media
Vendor: Boca Hydro LLC
  • Boca Hydro Coco Coir is a high-quality coir that is composted for over twenty-four months, triple washed, and ph buffered for an ideal nutrient uptake, so you can apply nutrients and supplements the same day you plant Repeated washes and buffering are applied to achieve extra-low ppm/EC levels, PH Stabilized at 6%-6.5% .
  • Free from pathogens, seeds, debris, chemicals and pollutants. 100% Organic and OMRI Listed, Environmentally friendly, fully sustainable with no environmental impact unlike peat moss.
  • Retains water and improves air flow and drainage through soil with an optimum air to water ratio, a much more effective solution then traditional potting soil, garden soil or peat moss.
  • Ready-to-use buffered coir growing medium with ultra low salt content for filling containers, pots, in ground, hydroponics systems, flood tables, dutch buckets or raised bed systems.
  • Ideal for mixing into your soil and soilless media or use by itself as a stand alone medium, indoor or outdoors. Use in pots, containers, flood tables, in ground or in hydroponic systems. Fast draining high water retention coco won't get packed down and is light and fluffy when dry.
  • Approved for vegetables, cannabis and all flowers including orchids and bonsai. Loose fully decompressed product. lab tested for heavy metals, so your plants can grow in the purest coco available.