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Exhale Micro Co2 Bag

Steady supply of CO2 for 6 months guaranteed Maintenance free No heat Suitable for Organic Production Made in the USA   The Exhale MICRO is designed for small grow spaces...
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Safety Wercs Multi Purpose Alcohol Cleaning Spray

Healthcare-quality disinfectant you can apply anywhere- even on the go! Safety First 70% Isopropyl Alcohol provides maximum antibacterial protection for all surfaces. This specially-formulated solution can be safely applied to...
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Safety Wercs Multi Purpose Alcohol Cleaning Wipes

Our favorite wipes for cleaning pruning blades, grafting knives and gardening tools!  Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy by sanitizing frequently and on a regular basis. this premium isopropyl...
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Boca Hydro Mycorrhizae Root Innoculant

Mycorrhizae: are beneficial fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. Mycorhizzae acts like an extension of the plant’s root system and can increase the absorptive surface area of...