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Mycorrhizae: are beneficial fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. Mycorhizzae acts like an extension of the plant’s root system and can increase the absorptive surface area of roots by up to 800 times! Proven to bond with over 99.8% of the plants and trees in the world.

Rhizophagus intraradices: Imagine millions of little straws and fingers now available to more deeply and efficiently access valuable resources within the soil – including water, nutrients, and even air. Furthermore, mycorrhizal fungi release enzymes that help to ‘unlock’ and dissolve essential nutrients within the soil. That reaction makes those nutrients more bioavailable for plants to easily utilize, including phosphorus, iron, and other minerals. It even keeps the roots clean!

Pure Mycorrhizae: In its purest form, it is shelf stable for a full 3 years. Avoid buying myco mixed with any type of soil, fertilizer or other compounds, as these naturally decay, in a sealed environment they will burn and potentially damage spores, shortening the shelf life and potency dramatically.

REAL MYCO has a very specific smell to it, trust your nose ! Our product smells real because it is real, at over 1200 active spores per gram, our product is the most pure available, and we pay for it, because its worth it. Most products on the market are not even 1/10th of ours and are triple the price.

EASY TO USE: Sprinkle a few grains in a seed pouch and shake around then plant, shake on top of a tray of seeds already growing then water in. Sprinkle directly into small holes at times of planting. 100% WATER SOLUABLE, Can be dissolved in a spray bottle and sprayed on transplanted plugs, pumped into irrigation or fertigation systems or applied to hydroponic systems.