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  • Grow plugs will always outperform traditional growing media, ALL soils become compacted over time reducing breathability around the crown of the plant resulting in slower growth and less aeration. Pulling plants from cells usually hurts plants, plugs come out easy!
  • Organic All natural formula approved for soil, hydroponics, aquaponics and all hydroculture ( will not leak chemicals into water ) Our plugs have binding agents naturally found in fir bark, not like other brands who use synthetic polymers and silicone to hold their plugs.
  • Our plugs are true PH Neutral with added organic micronutrients, and composed entirely of composted organic ingredients!
  • You asked, we listened, our Mycorhizzae is now seperate in a packet and each order ships with one inside.
  • Mycorrhizae: are beneficial fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. Mycorhizzae acts like an extension of the plant’s root system and can increase the absorptive surface area of roots by up to 800 times! Proven to bond with over 99.8% of the plants and trees in the world.
  • Perfect for germinating seeds or starting cuttings, drop seeds in dimple or dip and insert cuttings!
  • Perfect Air to Water Ratio means no risk of overwatering and good air flow to critical areas, this promotes stronger roots, faster starts and healthier faster growing plants !
  • Soil Free no mess plugs transplant easy and increase growing success!
  • Your success with our products is important to us. If you are unhappy for any reason please return unused plugs and we will refund you.

Fits all standard 1.5" Cell trays both round or square